Welcome to the TigerGraph™ Platform - the first real-time, Native Parallel Graph data analytics platform. We have a quick Overview and Glossary to help you understand the TigerGraph environment and its GraphStudio UI.

Quick Start Guide for New Users

Installation Checklist

  1. DOWNLOAD the TigerGraph platform:

  2. INSTALL the Platform

    1. For simple single-server installation: Assuming your downloaded file is called <your_tigergraph_package>:

      tar xzf <your_tigergraph_package>.tar.gz
      cd tigergraph*/
      # to install enterprise edition
      sudo ./ -s
      # to install developer edition
      sudo ./
    2. For additional options, see TigerGraph Platform Installation Guide

  3. Enterprise Edition: Consider other System Administration issues, such as Security. Also, if you have a GraphStudio license, activate GraphStudio.

You’re ready to go!


Our GraphStudio UI lets beginners and pros alike set up and perform analytics with a TigerGraph database, all from a graphical user interface. The only code you'll need to write is for queries themselves; everything else is managed graphically.

  • Schema Designer - Describe your graph data model.

  • Loading Builder - Select your input files, then drag-and-drop to link input data to vertex and edge fields.

  • Graph Explorer - display and explore your graph data, in an intuitive and visual way.

  • Query Editor - view, edit, and run queries. Display the results graphically.

Note: GraphStudio is included in your Developer Edition but is licensed separately.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at